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Copper Flashing and Roof Ornament

Vulcan Supply Corporation, the parent company of Paradigm Shingle, Inc., are master coppersmiths who have long produced stock and custom roofing sheet metal for restoration and for new work. Quality roof installations deserve quality fixtures. Of particular interest to purchasers of our Paradigm copper shingle roofs are "stock" copper ridge vent and vented cornice for modern, well insulated construction that is attractive and functional. Drawing upon time proven technology in commercial and high end roofing, Vulcan has developed a vented ridge that is effective, attractive, and very long lasting. Designed to be easily installed with basic tools this ridge vent offers permanently affixed insect screening, integral ridge supports, and an installation system that eliminates exposed fasteners. Available in flat standard ridge or choose from one of five cresting profiles.

Copper rain carrying systems are usually an integral part of any copper shingle roof. Vulcan produces a complete line of copper leaders and leader boxes which make an attractive addition to any gutter system. Attached at the top of leaders, they can often be installed in a way that hides or diminishes the look of leader elbows. They offer ten designs, each of which can be customized by the addition of a variety of stamped or cut details. Stock details include the fleur-de-lis, leafy vine, any letter of the alphabet, and a stylized sun.

They also provide all the dormered roof vents, decorative finials and any other specialty copper flashing necessary for a complete copper roof installation including the lowly plumbing vent cover. Custom orders are welcome. All of their roof vents offer the double protection of like material hardware cloth and screen to keep out insects as well as larger animals. All units are shipped completely assembled and are easy to install.

Traditional fabrication techniques combined with impeccable craftsmanship gives these handcrafted architectural sheet metal roof ornaments "built to last" quality not available in mass produced architectural copper ornament. Whether a few pieces of stock vented ridge roll or a custom monumental landmark reproduction, every piece is produced by hand, to order, by skilled and dedicated metalsmiths. Appropriate for both historic restoration and for new construction, every piece shipped incorporates all the painstaking elements of impeccable design and craftsmanship necessary for world class performance.

To visit Vulcan Supply Corporation's online Catalog and custom Portfolio, click here.

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